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Custom Built Music Recording and Entertainment Computers.


Terabyte Station is your home for the finest built computers on the planet.

We focus on computers for music recording and home media centers.

The folks at Terabyte Station have been building computers on a large scale since 1997. After designing and assembling literally thousands of configurations, Terabyte Station has changed its focus to high end computers for video, audio and entertainment.

Our systems are designed to be ultra compatible with today's changing world.

We feature Intel Processors and NUCs for the foundation of the best computer you can buy. 


NOW Configuring Systems with 6th Generation Intel Processors!!

Terabyte Station is moving forward with Intel 6th Generation Processors with 14 nm technolgy. 14 nm. 14 nm!!!! Check out our Outback system starting at $999. We will be updating all of our systems this month.


We are now offering your choice of Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 as an option on all of our new systems. Windows 7 has been tried and trued and is recommended for most working studios and applications. Windows 8.1 has proven to be very reliable and very fast. Windows 10 may not work with all of your equipment, but is very popular and has received many great reviews. 


*System specs vary. Please contact us with questions or for specific configuration requests.


Please Call us at 541-317-8484 with questions about custom systems.